Director, Institute for Health and Wellness (IHW)

Posting Details

Posting Details

Requisition Number A315P
Job Position Title Director, Institute for Health and Wellness (IHW)
Department Provost
Immediate Supervisor Title Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
FLSA Exempt
Grade None
Union None
Status Full-time
Total Number of Authorized Work Hours per Week 36.25
Total Number of Authorized Work Weeks per Year 52
Advertised Rate of Pay Discussed during interview
Position Summary

Monmouth University invites nominations and applications for the position of founding Director for the Institute for Health and Wellness (IHW). The Institute for Health and Wellness will be a key local resource and forum for education, research and collaboration on issues of human health and wellness delivered through scholarship, supported programs, community engagement and partnerships.

Monmouth seeks an accomplished, innovative leader who will serve as the respected head of the IHW while partnering with other campus operations and outside partners in defining the goals and objectives of the institute and implementing a progressive and evolving strategy for excellence and growth. Reporting directly to the Provost and working with a Steering Committee comprised of key internal and external stakeholders, the IHW and its director will be well-positioned to effectively function within the university and develop partnerships with the outside community.


The Institute for Health and Wellness (IHW) will be a key local resource and forum for education, research and collaboration on issues of human health and wellness delivered through scholarship, supported programs, community engagement and partnerships.

Reporting directly to the Provost and working with a Steering Committee comprised of key internal and external stakeholders, the IHW and its director will be well-positioned to effectively function within the university and develop partnerships with the outside community.

The new director will possess the experience, skills, and drive required to shape the future of the institute, while exemplifying the character and ethics expected in a highly visible and trusted university and community leader.


Many themes – healthcare efficiency, population health, the personalized health movement, and digital peer-to-peer healthcare – are changing the landscape of healthcare in ways that could not have been imagined a few decades ago. Driven by consumers and public health needs, the concept of Population Health Management, anchored in prevention and education, has shifted the focus of healthcare to outcomes, cost, quality of life, and patient satisfaction.

The IHW is intended to leverage and grow existing resources across campus, including academic programs and faculty expertise, and create, expand and enhance a range of essential relationships between Monmouth University and the local community.

Objectives of the IHW include:

• Serving as an essential internal resource and “umbrella” for supporting and promoting University initiatives in health and wellness. For example, providing awareness of health and wellness issues and priorities across the campus and to external communities.

• Supporting curricular and extracurricular engagement through strong and growing academic programs in the health sciences, including: social work, nursing and health studies, physician assistant, speech and language pathology, psychological and mental health counseling, medical laboratory science, occupational therapy, athletic training, and complementary programs including business, information systems and public policy. For example, facilitating development of interdisciplinary degree programs related to the health sciences such as a Master’s in Public Health (MPH).

• Conducting policy research to inform the public and community constituents, research in population-based public health areas such as epidemiology, and clinical research in collaboration with local healthcare organizations. Examples include the Monmouth University Polling Institute, Monmouth University faculty and external partners collaborating on externally funded projects on population healthcare issues to inform public health conversations and public policy issues; or engaging local and national expertise in health and wellness through research collaboration, fellowships and visiting or affiliate faculty appointments. 

• Promoting health and wellness advocacy and community outreach through collaboration with area hospital systems, healthcare organizations and community-based agencies. Examples include a Health Studies program initiative for underserved youth representing minority populations in local communities; or serving as a resource (on campus and with external partners) for organizing and hosting high-quality conferences, symposia and public events related to health and wellness, for informing and disseminating information about public policy and public health issues related to health and wellness, and to support the educational needs of our partners.

Because of Monmouth’s strengths in existing and emerging programs in healthcare, its geographic location, and abundant opportunities to leverage and grow relationships with leading healthcare providers and community partners, the university is poised to further establish itself as a leading institution in the health sciences. Along with its centers of distinction in the arts and real estate, the university hosts two additional well-established and highly regarded institutes – the Polling Institute and the Urban Coast Institute – which provide proven models for development of a new institute and logical partners for future projects. The creation and rapid growth of the IHW is an integral part of Monmouth’s strategic plan and has the full support of the president and the board.

Just one hour from New York City, and close to Philadelphia, Monmouth University sits at the heart of a vibrant culture that is rich in history, the arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. Monmouth University is a top-tier private, liberal arts institution that is home to innovative academic programs, expert faculty, and nationally ranked Division I athletics. Comprehensive in scope, the University enrolls approximately 6,300 students in more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including two doctoral programs. Today, Monmouth University is listed in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges,” The Princeton Review’s “The Best 382 Colleges,” and Money magazine’s “Best Colleges for Your Money.”

Nominations, Applications, and Inquiries

The search committee will begin a review of applications immediately and continue work until an appointment is made. To ensure fullest consideration, candidates are advised to submit their materials by March 9, 2018 and include a letter of interest that directly responds to the Opportunities & Challenges, and Qualifications and Qualities sections of the profile, curriculum vitae, and five professional references with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. References will not be contacted without prior authorization from the applicant. Applications should be sent electronically (MS Word or PDF Format) to The search is being assisted by Executive Search Consultant, Dr. Richard A. Wueste (

Special Instructions to Applicants:

Materials must include: a letter of interest that responds to the Opportunities & Challenges and the Qualifications & Qualities sections of this profile; a current CV or resume; names and contact information (telephone and email) for five references, none of whom will be contacted until a later stage of the search or without the formal permission of the candidate. All inquiries and applications will be received and evaluated in confidence.

Required Skills or Software
Required Years of Experience
Required Degree, Licenses or Certifications
Other Requirements

A terminal degree or a graduate or professional degree in a discipline or interdisciplinary area relevant to the management of a start-up institute that is expected to grow rapidly.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience in the healthcare industry or healthcare education and research. Experience in managing a progressive organization, particularly in building an organization from the ground up. Experience in fundraising and/or seeking grant funding.

In addition, the following qualities are desired:


The capacity to develop a vision while working within an academic culture.
A collaborative leadership style, demonstrated through the ability to respectfully engage academic, administrative, student, and community leaders, and achieve buy-in to a progressive agenda. 

The style and experience of a planner and a doer. Someone who takes pride in assembling a team, setting clear, measurable goals, and achieving success. 

The ability to work with others toward a common goal in a situation where the director may not be in charge.
An understanding of the nature of research in a university setting, combined with the capacity to support and nurture research and research faculty.
The ability to listen and learn.
The capacity to inspire. 

The capacity for strategic thinking and innovation. 

The ability to drive consensus but also be decisive when appropriate.


The capacity to understand that prudent risk-taker and practical visionary are not oxymorons.
An understanding of the need to achieve early visible successes while implementing long-term projects and developing organizational infrastructure.
The ability to prioritize in a manner that increases support for IHW.
The ability to say “no” without making enemies.


The ability to build trust and respect across multiple constituencies (students, alumni, faculty, administration, community and strategic partners). 

The ability to develop and nurture partnerships with external leaders and organizations. 


A genuine affinity for all aspects of fundraising. Direct experience and prior success in fundraising is a plus.
Enthusiasm for educating others in the mission of the IHW and generating support for its operations.
The ability to seek and secure grants from private and public sources.


The ability to manage a complex educational organization.
The capacity to support data-driven decision making.
Experience in building and managing budgets. 

An understanding of the marketing of higher education programs. 

Strategic planning experience. 


The ability to comfortably and effectively interact with diverse groups of people in a variety of settings. 

Strong interpersonal skills. 

A willingness to leave one’s office and engage people where they are. 

Effective verbal and written communication skills. 

The ability to listen carefully to a wide range of constituents. 

The ability to adjust one’s style and method as needed to communicate effectively to a wide range of constituents. 


The ability to earn and retain the respect of faculty engaged in high level teaching and research.
A genuine affinity for the academic process and an appreciation of the work of scholars and teachers. 

The highest ethical and moral standards in both professional and personal life.
Perseverance, a strong work ethic and drive to build a legacy of success.
Intellect – as evidenced by relevant educational attainment, curiosity and open-mindedness. 

The eagerness and stamina to serve 24/7 as an institutional advocate and spokesperson. 

Humility and a sense of humor.

Posting Date 01/30/2018
Closing Date

Job Duties

Job Duties



The founding director will be charged with envisioning the IHW, developing its structure and infrastructure, establishing relationships on and off campus and defining the initial projects that will establish the institute as a critical healthcare asset for coastal New Jersey, the eastern seaboard, and the nation.

The founding director will be comfortable working as an agent of change within the university’s culture and with the leadership of major medical organizations, inspiring a commitment to action while reconciling differences to find common ground.

To succeed, the IHW must be more than a conceptual shell, within and around which things happen. It must support a wide-ranging and adaptable vision with a record of tangible accomplishments that define it as a leader in specific, definable areas of health and wellness. The IHW needs to be anchored by a commitment to getting impactful things done.

The founding director will not view being a practical visionary and prudent risk-taker as contradictory or oxymoronic. He/she will grasp why an academic institution is the logical and best place for transforming creative thought into practical outcomes.

Regular or Occasional Regular


Virtually every academic unit of Monmouth University has the potential to generate projects for the IHW. There is almost no limit to the ideas that can be generated in collaboration with community healthcare partners. Once the existence of the IHW is known, a significant number of interested parties, each with an important project to promote, will seek the director’s support. The opportunities to take action will be matched by the potential for the IHW to become spread too thin, outrun its resources and fail to produce quantifiable results.

The IHW will need to establish notable early successes that can be publicized, while longer range plans and the infrastructure to support them are carefully nurtured. Prioritizing opportunities, and doing so in a manner that does not alienate potential partners, will set the tone for the IHW’s operations and determine how successful it will be in moving forward.

Regular or Occasional Regular


The quality of life on the central New Jersey coast is among the highest in the country. Monmouth County consistently ranks among the highest income counties in the U.S. and scores well on overall quality of life and satisfaction of its residents. Many local residents benefit from access to premier healthcare networks and wellness education. Other local populations are underserved due to limited awareness, outreach efforts and access.

As home and community-based healthcare become critical components of patient population management, the need for better education in lifecycle health and wellness issues and healthcare choices increases. Monmouth County’s proximity to a coastal environment presents distinctive public health impacts and issues that must be considered, as does the aging of the local population.

The founding director will need to pursue partnerships and actively seek resources that will define the IHW’s practical impact on community health and wellness.

Regular or Occasional Regular


The president and board have committed to funding the director position, an administrative assistant and a graduate assistant during the initial years of the IHW’s operation. An appropriate budget will also be provided.

The director will be expected to prudently manage the institute’s budget to cover basic operating costs while allowing for development of projects.

Growth of the institute and operation beyond the start-up phase will require funding from other sources, including positions created across disciplines, grant funding, contracts with outside partners, and donor contributions.

Monmouth University has a capable fundraising operation and the president and provost have pledged to assist in identifying and cultivating potential donors. That said, the director will need to communicate a passionate vision for the IHW that inspires donors, and actively participate in friend-raising, development of case statements, grant submission and other fundraising activities.

Regular or Occasional Regular


Strategic partnerships with healthcare providers, businesses and units of local and regional government will play an important role in IHW’s future success.

Highly developed collaborations with the region’s largest healthcare systems are currently in place to help foster the growth of the IHW. The founding director will have the opportunity to strengthen existing partnerships while identifying and developing new ones. Accomplishing this will require a director who is as comfortable working outside the university as within its confines.

The founding director will serve not only as an institutional leader, but also a community leader and spokesperson. The director will be expected to promote IHW’s visibility and reputation by demonstrating strong leadership and personal integrity.

Regular or Occasional Regular

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  2. * Do you have experience in the healthcare industry or healthcare education and research?
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  3. * Do you have experience in managing a progressive organization, particularly in building an organization from the ground up?
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  4. * Do you have experience in fundraising and/or seeking grant funding?
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